In the Great Spirit of motivating the youth of Soweto and surrounding areas, a young and humble former Miss Soweto has created her own beauty pageant FACE OF VILAKZI STREET. Lungile Buhale created this pageant with emphasis on education and skills that are both tangible and intangible.

A beauty pageant named after the iconic street in Soweto, where  Nelson Mandela   and Desmond Tutu, both Nobel Prize laureates lived – and earning the coveted title of being the only street in the world with two winners of the prize.

The contest had over 200 applicants with 25 being chosen to compete. They had various activities and tasks to complete in order to  qualify for the next round and ultimately be crowned the FACE OF VILAKZI STREET

She admits that like any other business venture, she has had to put in the hard work. The essence of the beauty pageant speaks to the diversity, wealth and history that our country boasts and as a direct result, the significance of the pageant is to both celebrate and cultivate it.

The FINALE will be held on the 25th March 2017, Vilakazi Street. There are only 10 Finalist left, who will be number 1? Who has beauty with brains? Who will win the prizes and get to do work around the communities motivating and encouraging other young girl to follow their dreams?

We hope you will join in support, we know we will certainly be there.  For more details on FACE OF VILAKZI STREET, Visit their page http://missvilakazistreet.co.za/ of follow their Twiiter: @missvilakazistr or like their face book page: https://www.facebook.com/faceofvilakazi/


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MentorSoweto is a youth mentorship programme that recruits, trains and screens adult mentors in Soweto and place these mentors with young boy and girls with the aim of empowering, guiding and improving the self-esteem of the young people we work with to reach his or her full potential through mentorship. Volunteer mentors are asked to spend at least an hour a month for a minimum period of a year with the child. Training and support is provided.

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